Where have I travelled with the kids - ​​
  • Dubai/Denmark/England/Paris/Italy with an 18 month old
  • Bali with a 2 yo
  • Wasington state USA/Rockies in Canada with a 4 yo and 8mo
  • Fiji and Gold Coast with 4 yo and 1 yo
  • Vietnam with a 5yo and 2yo

I'm Julia. I'm a 32 year old mum of two young kids (2 and 5) living in Melbourne, Australia.

Travel has been a passion of mine since I can remember. A cousin of mine is a flight attendant for British Airways and I can remember many trips to Melbourne airport to wait patiently in the foyer of their crew hotel so we could catch up with her on her layovers in Melbourne. I loved sitting there watching the glamourously dressed BA cabin crew glide past me.. And it was then that my dream to follow in my cousin's footsteps and to travel the world was born.

This was encouraged more in late primary school and high school where learning Indonesian was by far my favourite subject. 

In 2002 I was lucky enough to be sent to Denmark for a year as a Rotary Exchanage Student. This opened my eyes to just how exciting and interesting other cultures and parts of the world could be.

I spent the first 4 years of my working life as a travel consultant before I moved into wholesale travel at APT (Australian Pacific Touring). These gave me great opportunities to travel and expanded my travel knowledge.
I'm currently in my dream role as a flight attendant.
Travel is my passion, and having children was in no way going to slow me down. It's just now a fine balancing act of travelling on age appropriate trips, the whole family can enjoy.

These blogs and website are just a way I can share my travel passion with like-minded people, or those who are wanting to take the plunge to start travelling with young kids, or who are researching an upcoming destination.   
I must also add that what works for my family/kids might not work for everyone, so use this as a research tool you can adapt to make work for you.